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Our Core

At the center of our mission, is the very meaning of Omnis: All, Whole, Every. We treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit – of every patient.

Our Experience

We have provided effective individualized treatment and high quality care for over 250 patients. With a retention rate of 80%.

Our Commitment

Achieving optimum health, healing and rehabilitation depends on qualified, committed professionals. Our greatest resource is our staff of caring and deeply dedicated individuals.

Our mission is to enhance the wellness of those ready to take the first step toward recovery. Our vision is to promote person-centered healthcare with a range of specialties while granting individuals the dignity and respect they deserver.

At the heart of Omnis Health Life Wellness Center is a dedicated team ready to help. Our one distinguishing goal is to deliver addiction treatment to those seeking recovery and to be a health partner by providing services for their overall well-being.

Our patients recovery through an intensive, personalized program that combines medical treatment, relevant psychotherapies, and complementary therapies. Additionally, our aftercare and support continue as we help navigate daily life beyond treatment. 

The first step is never the easiest. Yet, if you or someone you love or care for is struggling, contact our specialists today for a judgment-free assessment toward long-term recovery.

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Everyone working at Omnis has an important role to play in achieving our mission.