Omnis Sponsors Film Highlighting Mental Health and Addiction

The social impact of poor mental health was estimated to exceed $6 Trillion dollars by 2030. One of the remaining taboos in many communities of color is the stigma around mental illness. However there are young creatives that are providing conversation around the topic of mental health, addiction and awareness of the stories that can shed a light into African American experiences that are normally not seen in the media.

One such film maker is Christian Nolan Jones who directed and co-wrote with Dominick Cormier the film Brown with Blue a short film artistically showcasing people of color and their struggle with mental health and addiction. Omnis is a proud sponsor of the film and of Christian’s work and how it helps open the conversation about then need for treatment and de-stigmatizing it in communities of color. We are proud of his work and Brown with Blue will be featured soon at Film Festivals in summer of 2020.