Kalamazoo, Mich. — Law enforcement officers across Michigan were doing their part to help prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Saturday was National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, which was designed to encourage people to dispose of unwanted medicine safely.

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“Research has shown a lot of addiction problems start from the medicine cabinet at home so we want to clear those out and make sure that doesn’t become the source of an accidental poisoning or overdose or addiction problem,” Brian McNeal, the public information officer for the Drug Enforcement Administration Detroit Field Division, said. “This is 100% anonymous, you can just drop it off in the box and law enforcement will get rid of it.”

According to the DEA, Americans turned in more than 980,000 pounds of drugs in fall 2020.

McNeal said he also wanted the day to raise awareness about people battling addiction.

“Having those conversations with friends and family about prescription drugs should only be taken under the proper care of your medical provider,” McNeal said. “Addiction does not discriminate. There is no social economic group, ethic group, age group. This is something that impacts all Americans.”

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Photo Credit Tor Berg