Before it’s too late… Find Coverage.

Understanding your health insurance coverage for mental health and substance use disorders is an area that many people find difficult. This toolkit will help you better understand your coverage. The Maryland Insurance Administration regulates insurance in Maryland and can help people seeking treatment. You can find out more information here.

They have also created a site called is the one stop shop for individuals, families, educators, and health care professionals to get the educational resources they need to prevent this epidemic from spreading.

You can also find a extensive report called “UNDERSTANDING YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR MENTAL HEALTH & SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER” and you can find a link to this informative document here.

The Maryland Insurance Administration

(MIA) is the state agency that regulates insurance in Maryland.

The MIA:

  • licenses insurance companies and producers;
  • examines the business practices of licensees to ensure compliance;
  • monitors solvency of insurance companies;
  • reviews/approves insurance policies and rates; and
  • investigates consumer and provider complaints and allegations of fraud.
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